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As a registered nurse for many years, I have met hundreds of people that are stuck in a cycle.
They go to their primary doctor or specialist with a health concern, only to leave with another prescription that simply masks the issue. It doesn’t solve the actual concern.

Western medicine is a Pill for an Ill system.

Don’t get me wrong.  Western medicine is great for emergency or reactive care.  It just is not designed to prevent further illness.  It is designed to manage symptoms.
When you don’t spend time discovering the root cause, the problem never goes away.
This is why I love combining a western approach with a holistic, natural approach to healing.  Our bodies are designed to naturally heal when given the right support. 
Through holistic medicine, we can discover the root cause of what is causing your symptoms and support your body in healing naturally.
Sound great?  Here is how it works:
Together we will conduct a full health history so that we can empower you with the knowledge and understanding of what is happening in your body and map a plan for healing it naturally.
Here is an example of what a full health history can reveal:
One of my patients had been taking a PPI (a medication to reduce stomach acid) for years. We discovered that the pH level in their body was out of balance.  Once we balanced the pH, the stomach issues were resolved and the medication was no longer needed.
When I got sick with covid, I began to lose most of my hair.  My doctor and dermatologist were no help. Through research, I realized what my body had gone through caused a inflammatory chain reaction. By adding the nutrients my body needed to heal, I was able to stop the inflammatory response. Once I stopped the inflammation, my hair stopped falling out. I added a high-quality collagen; and my hair is growing back thick!
What will we find is the root cause of your concerns?  Schedule an appointment today and let’s find out.  Results will not happen overnight. However, with small changes, results will come.

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